The quality of the air we breathe
directly affects our health

According to several studies, chronic exposure to polluted indoor air causes problems such as allergies and respiratory issues (asthma, bronchitis, etc.), as well as other issues that can go unnoticed.

For example, mental fatigue or decreased concentration levels, which affects intellectual performance and productivity.

Around 70% of European schools, at some stage, exceed the maximum permissible levels of CO2 and, in turn, educational establishments account for one fifth of the tertiary sector’s building stock.

Due to a lack of ventilation or a defective air renewal system, as well as high classroom occupancy rates, the indoor air in these buildings is often contaminated.

 Knowledge of the air quality situation in different areas in three phases:

1. Evaluation phase, in which the following will be analysed:

Technologies that improve IAQ; current technology, systems and devices that measure IAQ, new trends in technology and measuring systems, and related policies.
Existing studies about IAQ, emerging pollutants, and user health and wellbeing

2. Participation phase of other linked actors

who will contribute different points of view, including manufacturers of ventilation equipment; IAQ experts; those in charge of managing and maintaining facilities; building owners; classroom users; parent associations; and local authorities in charge of educational, public health, economic and sustainable development policies.

The participation of these actors will consist of, among other things:
A questionnaire
A workshop with experts
Science cafés

The activities carried out during this phase will allow for the creation of an Expert Network in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) value chain

3. Definition phase of the internal mechanism of the Expert Network,

to ensure its functionality, even once the project has been completed.

Identification of smart and sustainable innovation strategies
at a national and regional level

1. In order to implement the project as accurately as possible :

It is necessary to be familiar with the strategies as they are carried out in the different regions that form part of the project.

To this end, a common framework will be formulated for the SUDOE space, focusing on smart and sustainable solutions to guarantee IAQ in classrooms.