Expert Network


The main goal
of the project

Is to identify and promote best practices during and after the project.
For this, the identification and involvement of those interested in the project as well as target groups is fundamental.

Online Platform

The central focus of this expert network will be an online platform that compiles useful resources, training opportunities, reading materials, case studies of best practices, and tools.

Also, contact information for research and development projects which will be made available to all interested parties in the Expert Network.

The platform will feature:

Interactive map

An online interactive map


A reference list of bibliographic resources


A database with specialised companies and their geolocation

Contact information

Contact information of key actors

Relevant information

Relevant information from blogs relating to research and development projects


Training opportunities

Asked questions

A section with frequently asked questions


An interdisciplinary workshop will also be held to exchange knowledge and experiences about best practices relating to sustainable development in educational institutions.

This will include a discussion on how to make sustainable solutions accessible to people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds