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A call for a national strategy for indoor air quality


Current evidence urges the need for the architectural design to consider suitable airflow patterns that prevent cross infections between occupants. The HVAC system design should, therefore consider multiple elements such as energy, economy, emissions and also comfort and IAQ. The latter, applies not only to novel constructions, but probably more importantly, to the renovation of existing buildings, especially considering the need to ease other individual restrictive measures. The cost of providing additional ventilation may be more than offset by savings that result from the gains in productivity and the reduction of sick leave. Transmission prevention through better indoor air quality will be effective against any airborne virus. Government financial support is needed to implement appropriate standards. In the building sector retrofitting measures considered in the PRR, the Recovery and Resilience Plan, besides the improvement of energy efficiency, structural quality and other factors, indoor environmental quality should also be a major action point.



Date: 2022

Author: C. Winck, S.M. Almeida, G. Correia, M.F. Gabriel, G. Marques, M.G. Silva

Geographical area: Portugal

Type of publication : Article

Language : EN