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School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children (SEaRCH). International research project report within the “Indoor air quality in European schools: Preventing and reducing respiratory diseases program”


«The major objectives of the SEARCH project are the followings:

  1. to assess the relationship between the school environment and the children’s health
  2. to make recommendations for improving the quality of school environ- ment at the 5th European Environment and Health Ministerial Conference in Italy, in 2010.
  3. to transfer awareness raising initiatives for the prevention of respiratory diseases, particularly among children, that have already been successful in Italy and Hungary.

There are three parts of the study:

  1. Exposure assessment in schools: a.) measurement of the indoor air quality in the school b.) assessment of the school building and maintenance c.) assessment of the home environment
  2. Assessment of the children’s health status a.) symptom questionnaire b.) measurements of lung function
  3. Finding association between school environment and children’ s health based on the analysed data of the project»


  • 2.1. The background
    2.2. The focus of the SEARCH project
    2.3. The research design of the SEARCH project
    2.4. Implementation the SEARCH project (2006-2010)

  • 4.1. Environmental measurements
    4.2. Results of the pooled analysis of data from six countries

  • 5.1. Site of the school
    5.2. Sources of indoor air pollutants in the classroom
    5.3. Occupancy of the classroom and ventilation


Date: February 2010

Author: Project search partners

Geographical area: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovakia

Type of publication : Report

Language : EN