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Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Coordinators Guide. A Guide to Implementing an IAQ Program


This report builds on “Preparation in the Pandemic: How Schools Implemented Air Quality Measures to Protect Occupants from COVID-19,” published in April 2021 by the Center for Green Schools with technical support from ASHRAE. This update reflects how the pandemic, and schools’ responses to it, have evolved in the intervening months.

As a follow-up to the prior survey conducted in February–March 2021, a national survey of public-school districts in October–December 2021 was conducted to assess the implementation of a range of ventilation, filtration, disinfection, and air quality monitoring strategies. Complete survey responses from 88 districts representing over 4,000 schools and over 2.6 million students were received, mostly representative of city and suburban districts.



Date: May 2022

Author: The Center for Green Schools
Note: the Center for Green Schools’ work on this report was supported by Trane.

Geographical area: USA

Type of publication: Study/Report

Language : EN


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