Proyecto 3SqAi


IAQ affects health and will be analysed more closely due to COVID-19. The 3SqAir project (3SquAIRlity: Sustainable Smart Strategy for Air Quality Assurance in Classrooms) aims to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of tertiary buildings, within the framework of the Interreg Sudoe programme, which it is being funded by.

To this end, it will developa common strategy to ensure optimal IAQ in such buildings, especially in educational buildings, by implementing innovative, sustainable and intelligent solutions ranging from passive and active equipment, low-carbon technologies and automatic and manual actions, to changes in human behaviour.

The IAQ improvement strategy not only focuses on technical aspects, but also includes social factors such as students’ intellectual performance. Both approaches are essential and complementary for achieving improved air quality, energy efficiency, health and well-being. The project partners and collaborators are aware that the implementation of these actions requires transnational cooperation to evaluate the impact of the cultural, technical and legal aspects of the SUDOE space.

The main outputs of the project, which will be achieved through a RIS3 strategy, will be a methodological framework for classrooms, awareness-raising campaigns, an online best practice platform and an open source and open hardware IoT platform. It also includes pilot cases at different educational levels, where an innovative methodology of building energy management systems will be implemented, allowing the selection and integration of air quality improvement solutions. During all activities, a community of experts will be created to ensure technological transfer and to create value for multiple key factors. The innovative aspect is the IoT solution, which will allow easier, cheaper replication and continuous updating, in contrast to commercial software.

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