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Engenharia de Edifícios, S.A

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OCRAMclima® is a brand that aims to conquer new frontiers of technology, development and production in Air Handling Units (AHU) tailored for each building, with a range consisting of 26 standard sizes and a capacity up to 150 000 m^3/h.

Description of the activity about the project:

Potential customers of the guidelines / action plan the project is developing (e.g. common action plan for the implementation of the SUDOE RIS3 STRATEGY on IAQ in classrooms). At the same time, the engineering company may be a source of information for the project. The relation established within the project is a means of mutual knowledge and enrichment.


Lugar do Faial – Rua 1, 157. Vila de Prado. 4730-460 Vila Verde — Portugal

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+351 253 284 268

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